Experience unlimited series with teleparty peacock

Experience the ultimate entertainment with the extension and immerse yourself in a world of non-stop enjoyment. With the peacock watch party extension, you can have seamless syncing and view alongside friends and family, sharing laughs and excitement. It has a vast collection of captivating content where you will get every type of content. From thrilling dramas to hilarious comedies, there is everything that you want.

Here you will not only get unlimited movie series but also amazing features like you can have chat and audio and video calls while streaming a movie. You can also create your own watching room and enjoy your favorite series with a Chrome watch party.

Experience limitless streaming with this extension

With this extension, you can see unlimited movies and shows from different streaming platforms. It offers endless entertainment for you and your friends, making it a perfect party experience.


Time sync

Enhance your movie and series-streaming experience with friends using this convenient extension. Simply log in, invite your buddies, and start streaming movies simultaneously. Share videos and enjoy high-quality videos and fast buffering, all within your web browser. You can also connect via audio and video calls while streaming together and making movie nights with friends even more enjoyable and exciting.

Customize your own extension

Just click the creative user icon to unlock cool features like chat, audio calls, and video calls. Create your perfect movie night with friends and family by picking your favorite shows from top streaming platforms. Here you can enjoy high-quality streaming synchronized for everyone so that you can cheer and have a fantastic time together. It's the best way to make unforgettable memories with your loved ones.


Make your own watching room within the watch party on peacock

In this extension, you can create your own personalized chat room, make an audio or video call while viewing a movie together in real-time. You can also customize the experience by adding fun emojis and reactions with others to share your thoughts on the entertainment.

So, get ready to enjoy the thrill of streaming your preferred content on Peacock’s vast collection. It`'s a shared entertainment experience like no other, making memories and enjoying entertainment together from the comfort of your homes.

How does this peacock group watch on your browser?

Firstly install the extension and add it to your Chrome. After adding it to your Chrome, log in with your valid account and start using it. It allows you to view shows and movies together with family and friends directly in your web browser. Now, to group streaming, you need to click on the creative user icon or the group button while logged into your valid account.

Then, invite your buddies to join the party by sharing a link or sending them an invitation. Once everyone is in, the video playback will be synchronized, so you can all stream simultaneously and share the experience in real time. You can also chat, make audio calls, and have video calls with your friends during the party, making it a fun and interactive shared viewing experience.

About the Peacock

Enjoy unlimited streaming fun with friends and family, no matter the distance, using the browser extension. View it together and chat, and make audio and video calls while enjoying your favorite shows. You can also peacock watch together with your friends.

This extension allows it’s subscribers to see their favorite shows and movies together in real-time with their best buddies, even if they were in different locations. It synchronized the video playback for all participants, so everyone could view simultaneously, making it a shared viewing experience. The feature also included a chat function, allowing viewers to communicate and share their thoughts during the party.



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